Village Hotel, Bristol

TS.11204 Cam Action Door Closer

The 153-bedroom Village Hotel is a recent addition to the growing Village Hotels chain. As its fitting out neared completion, we were contacted by our client, who reported a problem with the doors not being held fully shut by the closers. This would obviously be a fire safety issue and, with 307 doors to fit, was a challenge that needed to be overcome quickly.

Rutland personnel visited the site to diagnose the cause and found that the door architraves were deeper than normal. This extra depth reduced the pre-tension capacity of the closer to hold the door shut.

The solution identified was to increase the angle of the closer arm when the doors were closed from five to ten degrees. Back at Rutland headquarters, this design modification was quickly made to the TS.11204 closer and the revised versions supplied.

They worked perfectly, thereby enabling the hotel to keep the desired door closer specification and know that all its doors were fully fire safety compliant.
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