About Rutland: Our story

Rutland was born in 2004 with a vision to provide the UK market with dependable door closers.

Our founders have an engineering heritage that dates to before World War 2, and members of the same Hughes family still work at Rutland today. Today our vision goes way beyond our founding focus of engineering excellence, to the pursuit of enhanced life safety at every fire door. We know that better fire doors with the right door controls save lives, and that’s the underlying motivation that guides us today.

Rutland are manufacturers of door closers and associated hardware

Every day, our focus is on helping the door industry to meet ever-increasing standards of fire safety and security.

At the heart of the Rutland brand is a deep-seated purpose. We believe in the value of life and recognise the threat that fire poses to life and wellbeing. But we also recognise that combatting that threat creates real pressure for those in the door industry. And that’s why we provide in-depth support with fire testing and certification.


Our values

We’re here to provide an exceptional experience.

We strive to have the best industry knowledge and to share it freely.

We believe in the value of getting things done and doing things right.

Meet the team

Lyle McCreadie

Sales Accounts Manager

Myron Johnston

Sales Account Manager

Carlos McCreadie

Sales Account Manager

Leo Thomas

Sales Account Manager

Kelvin Hughes

Sales Business Development

Denver Smith

Sales Business Development

Rhonda Hughes

Customer Happiness and Sales Support

Alyssa Brown

Customer Happiness and Sales Support

Bronia Cuckson

Customer Happiness and Sales Support

Jael Rowles

Customer Happiness and Sales Support

Cody Chow

Product Design Engineer

Jackson Ko

Product Design Engineer

Alex Chan

Product Sourcing and Purchasing Executive

Kevin O'Reilly

Technical Director

Chris Warriner

Warehouse Supervisor

Leadership team

Jake Martin

Managing Director

Kieran Grinnell

Sales Director

Roland Bricknell

Supply Chain and Product Development Director

Stephen Green

Operations Director

Craig Ingram

IT & Technical Manager

Neil Smith

Marketing Director

Ensuring compliance.

Prioritising life safety.

Through our expert advice and support, we provide the peace of mind that full compliance is achieved and that life safety is assured.

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