Barclays Head Office

Rutland TS.7104 Floor Spring

Barclays Irish Head Office in Ireland is located in the prestigious new ‘One Molesworth Street’ building in Dublin. The fitting-out project specified floor spring closers for the aluminium frame double glazed door units, and the Rutland TS.7104 power adjustable floor spring was selected.

When the doors came to be fitted, the installers encountered problems with the doors closing correctly. This meant there was a concern that fire safety regulations were not being fully complied with.

Rutland was contacted and, after an initial consultation over the telephone, a site visit was arranged to analyse the exact nature of the problems and identify a solution.

Once in Dublin, our technicians found that the doors were not closing as they should due to unevenness in the floor surfaces. They were able to carefully adjust the power and closing speed to ensure the doors were closing correctly.

All 300 doors are now operating smoothly and are fully compliant with fire regulations.

Rutland is always happy to provide expert advice when problems are encountered. If you need any technical help with regards to door closers, just give us a call on 01246 261491. We can often resolve issues over the phone, but – as this case study shows – where site visits are necessary to identify and resolve issues, we gladly do so.

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