TGI Fridays – London – O2 Arena – TS.9205

Project Detail

  • Project: TGI Fridays
  • Location: The Avenue, O2 Arena, London, UK
  • ProductTS.9205 BC High usage architectural door closer

Project Description

The O2 Arena in London was prime location to enhance the many food stores and eating places. Known by many as a great place to be, it makes sense to serve food where the need is greatest. After a concert, during a football match, or at the time when and where Royalty give special speeches or Charities give heart rendering calls for action, you can be assured that food is being prepared and served to all.

The O2 Arena stands at the centre of all time and show cases the TS 9205 iconic high usage door closers that work while you shop or eat or rest.  Set at the busiest spot in the restaurant between the stores and the front of house, it shines under pressure and speed of use powering the doors quietly to a closed position.  The TS 9205 door closer with its varying power and high efficiency catches the moment in its Satin finish.

The TS 9205 architectural, third party UKAS approved door closer was chosen for the refurbishment fit-out with in the many and vast places of the centre because of:

  • High efficiency and ease of operation which matched the regular use and high traffic
  • Variable power size to help ease the speed of fitting and adjusting.
  • 35 year guarantee
  • Matching the aesthetic finish and design for the modern building.

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