DR.11000 Door Restrictor

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DR.11000 Door Restrictor

The DR.11000 Door Restrictor is an ideal option for external doors such as loading bays or goods store entrances to stop the door from getting damaged by the masonry or being ripped off its hinges in windy locations.  It comes with the option of a hold open clip which can be inserted to hold the door open, and a cushion shop which acts a bit like back check and saves damage to the building and door.  The DR.11000 is available in heavy duty silver finish.

  • Door stay with hold open device:
  • Fully concealed and out of sight
  • Cushion Stop acts like a Back Check – saves damage to the door and building
  • Restricts the door in windy locations if hold open device is used

Both cushion stop and hold open device are options that will need to be confirmed when purchased.

Available finishes:

Silver (SE)
Silver (SE)
Satin Nickel Plate (SNP)
Satin Nickel Plate (SNP)


Specification & Compliance

DR.11000 Specification / Data Sheet
DR.11000 Product Codes

Fitting Instructions & BIM downloads

DR.11000 Fitting Instructions

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