PSU.1224.9 – Power Supply Unit

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PSU.1224.9 – Power Supply Unit

Rutland PSU.1224.9 – Power Supply Unit is a regulated PSU with control module.  This connects electromagnetic door closers to the fire alarm such as the FIRETRAK114/115 and the Responder.  The control module offers the options to switch in a file-safe or file-select manner using either volt-free or a 24DV trigger.

CAVEAT - Rutland PSU is recommended to be suitable for 4 E-mag devices (Responder 24 and FireTrak), however it is recommended that the fitter consults with the cable voltage drop table due to the fact that cable sizing and length can affect voltage drop.  It is the responsibility of the fitter to ensure the correct cable thickness is used for the situation in hand.

  • Switch mode technology which converts power more efficiently from mains to 24 volts
  • Mild steel construction
  • White powder coated
  • Tamper protection
  • One PSU can take up to 4 Responders or Firetraks (see caveat above)
  • End-of-Life: This product can be returned to Rutland for WEEE regulations.


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