Why is the position of a letter plate important on a fire door?

In the interest of knowledge sharing, we like to share the questions we are often asked so that everyone can benefit from the ‘know how’ that we share on a daily basis. We were recently asked "Why is the position of a letter plate important on a fire door?" 

In this short video, Rutland's Jemimah Rowles takes us through what goes into the safe installation of letter plates on fire doors. We take a look at some typical applications where letter plates may be installed, the types of doors they would be fitted to, distance from other elements, and the legislation that outlines the requirements for safe letter plate installation on fire doors.

TS008:2015 sets out the standard requirements for letter plate assemblies and slide through boxes. More information is available from The Door & Hardware Federation website.

If you have any questions on this topic, please be free to speak with our fire door safety specialists, by emailing support@rutlanduk.co.uk.

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