What is 1121 and what is 1942?

                     UKAS Approved test houses are all over the country working hard to assist companies to realise their business development objectives by providing effective, impartial and professional services. Notified Bodies include IFC, Warrington Fire, Exova BM Trada, CEM International, Cambridge Fire, and they underwrite products for the construction and hardware industries.  The role of a Notified Body is to conduct conformity assessments under the relevant EU Directives. These bodies are authorised by national authorities and officially ‘notified’ to the European Commission and listed on the NANDO (New Approach Notified and Designated Organisations) database. Under the CE mark there is a number – this is the individual number of the UKAS approved test centre that issues the CE certificate to a particular product.  1121, 1942, 2337, 1162, are just a few of the numbers.  There is a large quantity of test houses and they all specialise in their own areas of expertise. Rutland work with many third party UKAS approved test bodies to bring products to the market that you can fully rely on and stand by.  Ensure that your products meet the legislative requirements of the European and global market.

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