Rutland’s TS.FIRETRAK.114 is a power size EN 2-4 electromagnetic closer.  When installed, it is hardwired to the fire alarm and is designed to hold the door open which ensures ease of access throughout the building.  However, in the event of a fire, the door will automatically close, preventing the spread of fire as well as keeping your door compliant.  It’s slimline construction and slide arm rail makes it aesthetically pleasing and means it can fit into many different environments and not look out of place.  This closer has a five year guarantee and has adjustable latching and closing speed.

As well as the TS.FIRETRAK.114, we also have the TS.FIRETRAK.115 which is a power size EN 2-5.  This is identical to the TS.FIRETRAK.114 but it has an increased power size and can be used on a 110kg door whereas the TS.FIRETRAK.114 can only be used on an 80kg door.

Rutland also do a Power Supply Unit which you can find in the electromagnet section and this can be used for either of these as well as the Responder 24.

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