Rutland Webinar:

Third-Party Certification Explained

23rd February 2022


Virtual event

Event description

When it comes to fire safety, UKAS third party certification schemes are a ringing endorsement that a product or service has been independently tested and audited to the most rigorous standards. But they can be complicated to unpick! In this webinar, we explore how the schemes work and the benefit of being part of such schemes.

Our Technical and Compliance Director, Neil Smith, chaired a panel of industry experts who shared their experiences and provided guidance on the certification process.

Hosted by:

Neil Smith

Technical & Compliance Associate Director, Rutland

For over 20 years, Neil has worked in roles related to property management,
including high-risk buildings. Familiar with the Secured By Design scheme since
2006, he has assisted, and often overseen, over 100 door tests, including fire,
smoke, security, weather, thermal and performance strength testing. Neil is
well-placed to chair the webinar discussion panel, with his extensive industry knowledge.


Danny White

Fire Door Compliance Consultants


Neil Ashdown

Fire Doors Complete


Neil Harrison

Falcon Panel Products


Simon Beer

Bluesky Certification


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