The TS.9205- Designer Finishes

The TS.9205- Designer Finishes…Made For You

Did you know the TS.9205 is available in over 15 different finishes and available for next day delivery?

The Rutland TS.9205 has an Adjustable Power size EN2-5 and is renown for it’s High Efficiency, Quality and reliability.  Also known for its Ease of opening, the TS.9205 assists Document M and BS8300.

The Marine 316 finish is ideal for extreme corrosive environments like off shore oil rigs, sea fronts, sports centers and many more environments that are constantly washed down or attacked by the weather.  It is a true stainless steel finish, however the 5 year guarantee on this product is not permitted if used on swimming pools or any other chlorine environments.

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