Our quality policy

The management of Rutland UK is committed to supply door closers and ancillary products to its customers in the architectural hardware sector. The company has produced manufactured goods to its own designs and specifications and the main product area is a comprehensive range of high-quality door controls. Many of these products are accredited to British, European, and Global standards for performance and fire resistance. 

The directors, management and staff of Rutland UK support the ethos of their Quality Management System (ISO 9001: 2015) and always endeavour to satisfy in full the needs of their customers and all legal requirements. 

Rutland UK uses their Quality Management System as a basis for continual improvement by regularly reviewing targets, objectives, and key performance indicators, which are all communicated to the staff. 

This Quality policy is reviewed annually. 


Our environmental policy

Rutland UK has developed this Environmental Policy ISO 14001: 2015 to ensure its purchase, manufacturing storage and distribution of door closers and ancillary equipment activities do not adversely impact on the environment. 
The Environmental Policy provides a framework for determining its environmental objectives and targets are both established and monitored. Rutland UK ensures at all levels of its business it has a commitment to prevent its processes and procedures from polluting the atmosphere or have any other adverse impact on the environment. 
Rutland UK is aware of all legislative and regulatory requirements that apply to its business activities and ensures compliance at all times. 
Rutland UK has implemented a policy of the continual improvement of its Quality and Environmental Management System (QEMS) and this has been communicated to all staff and appropriate external interested parties. 
In addition, Rutland UK are committed to meeting the Government Policy on Zero Avoidable Waste by 2050. The Policy is reviewed annually. 
Date: 21/07/2021


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