Webinar: Optimising Smoke Control

A Rutland virtual event with Q & A session


Our aim in this webinar was to raise awareness of the dangers of smoke within buildings and how smoke control can be optimised to meet or exceed mandatory requirements. Our ultimate goal is to enhance life safety at every fire door, and given that 50-80% of fire-related deaths are smoke-related, it’s a hugely important topic, and one worthy of detailed discussion.

Our Technical and Compliance Director, Neil Smith, welcomed an expert panel of speakers, comprising of Jim Kelly, Carlson Elkins and Richard Kowalski.

The full webinar will be available to view shortly.

29th September 2021


Virtual event

Hosted by:

Neil Smith

Technical & Compliance Associate Director, Rutland

For over 20 years, Neil has worked in roles related to property management, including high-risk buildings. Familiar with the Secured By Design scheme since 2006, he has assisted, and often overseen, over 100 door tests, including fire, smoke, security, weather, thermal and performance strength testing. Neil is well-placed to chair the webinar discussion panel, with his extensive industry knowledge.


Jim Kelly

IFSA Vice Chairman

A devoted campaigner for change in smoke control for the last 20 years, Jim has spent most of his time coaching life-safety through best methods of fire & smoke sealing. From fire door manufacture & installation through to technical support at STS. With huge passion for change as vice chairman of IFSA and member of SCCG (the UK’s smoke group), Jim’s experience has contributed to ‘one voice’ lobbying government and standard bodies. His persistence has helped secure draft changes and his dream is for new testing methods aligned with reality and best practice.

Carlsson Elkins

Marketing Director, Sertus

As someone who's hugely passionate about the construction industry and ensuring life-safety standards are upheld, Carlsson spends the majority of his time educating construction and fire safety professionals on the principals of smoke ventilation systems.

Richard Kowalski

Technical Manager (Door Divisions) of Stairways Midlands Ltd.

Working in the door industry for over 20 years starting as a joinery apprentice working his way through the business and into Technical where he has carried out many fire tests, smoke tests and security tests over the years. A qualified Architectural Ironmongery and member of the “GAI” as well as a Committee Member of the Fire Door Alliance.


10:30 - 10:35      Welcome and Intro,  Rutland UK

10:35 - 10:45      Smoke statistics, common challenges for installers – Neil Smith, Rutland

10:45 - 10:55     Requirements in building control, standards and how this could look in the future when designed better for life safety – Jim Kelly, IFSA

10:55 – 11:30     The importance of smoke control in the whole building not just the smoke system and fire doors as an isolated components – Carlsson Elkins, Sertus

11:30 – 11:40     Q&A and Panel discussion other discussion/presentation 

11:45    Event finish

Optimising Smoke Control: Webinar handout PDF   View PDF Handout
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