Maintaining the Golden Thread

Maintaining the ‘Golden Thread’

The Draft Building Safety Bill currently going through Parliament introduces the concept of the ‘golden thread’. The Bill explains that the purpose of the golden thread is “to ensure that the right people have the right information at the right time to ensure buildings are safe and building safety risks are managed throughout the building’s lifecycle.”

In other words, all of the information needed by those with safety responsibilities should be accurate, up to date and easily available. The Bill also requires this information to be held digitally.

When it comes to fire doors, Rutland recommends the perfect tool for maintaining the golden thread: the Data Pin.

This clever device can be easily installed, whether during manufacture or as retrofit. It stores complete information pertaining to the specific door in which it is installed, which can be accessed by anyone with the correct sign-in details and an Android or iOS smartphone with our free app downloaded.

Throughout the lifetime of the door, data is added to the Door Data Pin through a simple upload process. Information added would include things like:
  • at manufacture – the door’s specification, parts used, installation, operation and maintenance guides
  • at installation – photographs and completed checklists to verify correct fitting
  • during use – records of checks, fault reporting and repair

At each stage, all the accumulated information about the door is available to whoever needs it. For example, if a door repair is necessary, the contractor can look up the exact product part required and its full fitting instructions.

The system’s online interface makes it simple for those with overall responsibility for building safety to check the status of all their fire doors. A dashboard gives an at-a-glance overview, while more detailed information can easily be accessed about any door in the building.

The Door Data Pin is made of rugged ABS plus epoxy resin, with no moving parts to go wrong. Inexpensive, simple to install and easy to use, it represents the ideal solution to maintaining the golden thread. Its users can be confident they are delivering the required compliance and, even more importantly, that fire doors are providing the intended protection for building occupants.

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