Learning the "Why?" and Improving Fire Safety

Making and fitting to proven and tested methods with Fire Doors is critical. So learning the “why?” is very beneficial to fire door inspectors, door manufacturers and fitters. Chris Houchen of Halspan told us yesterday that he likes to teach people “why?” we should keep to manufacturer’s recommendations when making fire doors and fitting fire glazing. He helpfully points out that when people know the “why?” they’re more likely to abide by the manufacturer’s production methods. This prevents taking short-cuts or needlessly re-inventing the fitting instructions. One example is the length of fixings used for glazing bead and even the angle the nails are driven into the timber frame. The correct length of panel pin and angle of the pin is designed to retain the glazing in place longer in a fire as the timber chars and burns. This is all detail that was in the fire test and is very important to adhere to. With extensive experience in both Fire Testing and Certification Chris has a wealth of knowledge and experience that can be relied on. Simon Bailey of Exova Warringtonfire is also very involved in providing educational seminars on fire door safety. A recent concern he raised was retro fitting concealed e-mag locks that break the fire seal in the top of a door. The fire seal is there for a reason and learning the “why?” teaches fitters that they must replace any intumescent seal that they remove. This is one way Fire safety experts like Simon and Chris are helping improve your safety by teaching the “why?” 

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