How to adjust a Back Check valve on TS 5204 Door Closer

Check out the video to see how to adjust a Back Check valve on the TS 5204 Door Closer in less than a minute.Start with the door closed and then turn the Back Check valve clockwise to engage the facility.  You will notice the more you turn the valve in the sooner the Back Check will come into action.  If needed you can turn the valve anti-clockwise which will make the Back Check less effective.The main reason for fitting door closers with a Back Check is so that the door when opening at speed will not bang into the wall, a screen or desk at the back of the door.  After the door closer valve has been adjusted to make it work and the door tested to a satisfactory level the cover can be fitted.  The door closer will close in it's normal way on the closing and latching valves after the closer has slowed down.Back Check valves are very popular in places like Schools, universities, Hotel corridors, Public Houses, places of work, Operating theaters, where speed is of the essence.  Other places like if a door is tight in a corner of a room or against some furniture they are very popular to save anything damaging the structure or decorations.When you are contemplating how to adjust or fit a door closer with a Back Check valve then do not hesitate to contact ourselves.

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