GP3 Frameless Glass Patch Door closer Intro VID

The new Hydraulic Glass Patch door closer is significantly changing the way glass doors are installed and controlled.Features & Benefits
  • Very Quick & Easy to Install - No cutting/breaking off solid floors - No need to cut the floor or using breakers to smash up the concrete – quieter and safer method to install - Saving over 1 Hour of time per product install compared to a floor spring in a concrete floor application.
  • Lower Hidden Obstruction Risk – with four fixings and no cement box to install there is significantly less risk of coming into contact with underfloor heating, hidden electrics, data cables, water or gas mains.
  • Hygienic - No floor cavity or cover plate ensures cleaning under the door is possible and ideal for clean areas like hospitals, restrooms, washrooms whereas traditionally dirt/debris or liquids could go into the floor spring mechanism area.
  • Performance Tested - Tested to EN 1154 to 500,000 cycles and backed with a 10 Year Warranty for peace of mind
Check out the Video introduction to the GP3 Frameless Glass Patch closer here 

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