Fire Door Safety Week


Rutland are again delighted to support Fire Door Safety Week this September, with events and helpful content being rolled out daily from Monday the 25th to Friday the 29th

On Tuesday 26th Rutland’s Certification & Compliance director Neil Smith is participating in a webinar “The Importance of Primary Test Evidence”– register your spot with the host, Harmony Fire and make sure to follow us on LinkedIn.

Rutland’s mission is to enhance life safety at every fire door.

We fulfil our mission by supporting and advancing industry research and legislation, and by developing fire door hardware that increases building safety.

Like a building, or a component of one, the whole industry must work together on issues as vital as fire safety. Fire Door Safety Week is one way we can share our knowledge to help the public better understand fire doors and their use.

What is Fire Door Safety Week (FDSW)?

Fire Door Safety Week is an annual public awareness campaign run by the British Woodworking Federation and supported by UK Government agencies and the fire door industry.

2023 marks the 10th anniversary of FDSW and follows recent important changes to fire safety regulation in England, following the Grenfell tragedy and subsequent inquiry.

Whilst those working in building safety and related trades think about fire doors daily, for the wider public it is not likely to be on their minds as much. Fire Door Safety Week is an initiative launched in 2013 as a ‘mass-market’ awareness campaign and is instrumental in raising awareness of the life-saving importance of properly managed fire doors.

This year is the first Fire Door Safety Week since the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 came into force. Regulation 10 requires Responsible Persons (RP) of multi-occupancy residential buildings to provide residents with an annual reminder on the importance of fire doors and their use. What better time to use the resources of the Fire Door Safety Week to do this?

It's all too easy for any of us to get complacent, so Fire Door Safety Week is our opportunity to check our responsibilities, seek to expand our own knowledge, and freely share best-practice around fire door information for the safety of all.

Everyone has to do with fire doors, either as a user, or as part of a job role. In support of Fire Door Safety Week 2023, Rutland will be sharing answers to common questions people ask about fire doors. What question do you have, or what are you often asked about fire doors? Let us know #FDSW.

Look out for daily Fire Door Safety tips and resources on our LinkedIn feed during FDSW 2023

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