Door Data Pin

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Door Data Pin

Compliance in Construction

Door Data Pins supports a number of facts in the Fire Safety Bill,
1.Digital accessibility to specification. (local and online)
2.Record and demonstrating safe building management (inspections)
3.Enforcing and demonstrating requirements of the RRO2005

Challenge 1.
Developing a cultural change in the approach to sharing critical information for the lifespan of the doors being manufactured and sold. 

Challenge 2.
Creating a system that works across multiple trades with multi user access, yet providing independent systems to installation, inspection and facility management on a business by business basis. 

Challenge 3.
At the manufacturing stage understanding the best way to extract and record the information to support requirements of ‘golden thread’ and those managing stocks in the future without the system being a burden and remaining cost effective to the businesses.

How the System Works 

Doors are assigned the unique Door Data Pin and the first stages of making critical door information available for life cycle of the door begins.

The Door Data Pins hold all location and company information and all the supporting reports and certification documents from the  doors creation, installation and maintainence. The supporting documents can be downloaded and shared in PDF format. The same reports are available via the online system for viewing with suitable authorisations.

The door pin data is all logged in real time so you can view:

• Outstanding remedials.
• Who allocated remedials
• Upcoming inspections, overdue and due. 

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