Cut costs, but not safety, with the ITS.11204

Cut costs, but not safety, with the ITS.11204

Would you like to save money and time without cutting corners? If you are fitting 54mm fire doors purely to accommodate concealed closers, we can show you how to make savings!

Why thicker doors are used even where a 44mm door is all that’s necessary

A 30-minute fire rating is the common safety standard prevailing in commercial and communal buildings, and plenty of 44mm doors can deliver this. However, where concealed door closers have been specified, thicker doors than necessary often end up being installed instead. This is because concealed closers can normally only be fitted within doors at least 54mm thick, due to the intumescent layer that  prevents heat transfer being applied around every side of the closer. This adds to the closer’s overall depth, making it too bulky to sit within a 44mm door.

However, it is perfectly possible to install fully compliant, 44mm thick 30-minute fire doors with a concealed door closer, thanks to Rutland’s ITS.11204.

Through careful development, Rutland achieved comprehensive 30-minute protection with intumescent applied solely along the top side of the ITS.11204 concealed door closer. This has a 32mm profile, enabling it to fit easily within a 44mm fire door, as demonstrated in this video. Thorough fire testing has comprehensively proven that the ITS.11204 is fully compliant and performs reliably to the 30-minute fire rating.

Thanks to the ITS.11204, it is possible to fit 44mm rather than 54mm fire doors, and enjoy the following clear benefits: 

  • Fully compliant
  • Lower material costs – 44mm  doors typically cost around 25% less than 54mm equivalents
  • Lower installation costs – fitting a 44mm door is usually a one-man job, compared to the two- or three-man job of installing a 54mm door

ITS.11204 cam action concealed door closer 

  • Slimline 32mm design enables fitting within a 44mm, 30-minute rated fire door. 
  • Fully tested in various door slabs, including Falcon Strebord, Vaicaima and Halspan 
  • Ideal for compliance with Approved Document M and BS 8300 recommendations.  
  • Fully concealed when the door is closed.
  • Third party tested to BS EN1154 
  • Fire tested to EN1634-1
  • CE marked to power size 2-4 – suitable for doors up to 80kg and 1100mm wide
  • Meets BS8300 for DocM contracts – helping to assist ease of opening of door sets
  • Available in Silver, Satin Nickel, Polished Nickel, Polished Brass and Antique Brass 
  • Next day delivery available
  • 35-year guarantee
  • Corrosion Grade 3 – recommended for internal use.

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