Concealed Door Closer Adjustment (ITS.11204)

Door Closers; trouble-shooting and fixing installation errors

The Rutland ITS-11204 self-closing device is a concealed slide-arm door closer that operates with a smooth cam action mechanism. It has been tested to BS 8300 and is renowned for its high efficiency and ease of opening, making it the ideal door closer for Doc M contracts. In this troubleshooting how-to video, we’re going to show you how the door closer should be set up for maximum efficiency and ease of operation, plus give you quick and simple fixes to common installation errors.

If the door closer has been specified correctly, and there is no obvious damage then it’s likely your problematic door closing mechanism has been incorrectly installed, or not adjusted correctly. Watch this video guide from Rutland Door Controls, where their ITS-11204 closer is used to demonstrate how to correct the most frequent door closer installation and adjustment problems.

My door closer is not closing all the way

If the door is not latching and is sitting slightly open, then the installation is incorrect. If you disconnect the connector bar from the door, you’ll notice that the bar is incorrectly protruding from the recess on the push side. To rectify this issue you’ll need to remove the slide bolt and pinion screw and roll the connector bar over. Then place it on the pinion at 90 degrees to the door as shown and re-insert the screw. Now move the connector bar towards the hinge (towards the door opening) by 10 degrees, and fully tighten the latch valve to hold the mechanism in this position. The latch valve for this concealed door closer is found on the top of the device’s body. Then remove the connector bar and refit it 90 degrees away from the hinge and insert the pinion screw, causing the connector bar to sit parallel to the door. Then refit the connector bar to the slide block, and loosen the valve a quarter of a turn anti-clockwise, which will allow the door to close. This step is crucial as without the latch valve slightly unscrewed, the door will not shut. Now you can make final adjustments to the closing and latching valves to obtain the required speed and sufficient closing force.

Why does my closer leave the door half open?

If the door isn’t closing but is instead sitting about halfway open, this is caused by the connector bar arm being fitted at 90 degrees to the face of the door and connected straight to the slide block which is an incorrect installation. The solution to this is to remove the slide block bolt, then move the connector bar towards the hinge by 10 degrees and fully tighten the latch valve. Then remove the pinion screw, ref-fit the connector bar 90 degrees away from the hinge, and re-insert the pinion screw. The connector bar will now be sitting parallel to the door. Then refit the connector bar to the slide block and loosen the latch valve ¼ a turn which will allow the door to close. Finally, adjust the closing and latching valves as required to fully close the door. 

My door doesn’t close fully

If the door is not closing fully, the problem is that the latching speed valve has been tightened fully in. Unscrew this valve and adjust the desired closing speed. The speed should close the door from fully open within 25 seconds, but not too quickly that it would make it difficult for those with reduced mobility. The valve settings depend on the weight of the door plus a number of in-situ factors, such as air pressures, door seals, etc so this BS 8300 compliant, ITS-11204 self closing device is made to be widely adjustable.

We hope this video has helped you troubleshoot and fix installation or setup issues on the Rutland concealed door closer and that it will give you many years of trouble-free performance. If you'd like further info, view the Rutland Concealed Closer range, where you can find technical specs and further product details.

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Slide Arm Door Closer Adjustment

Product demonstrated here is the ITS.11204 Concealed Slide Arm Cam Action Closer

The Rutland ITS.11204 Concealed Door Closer is from a range of discreet, highly adjustable slide-arm self-closing devices tested & certified to meet BS EN1154. When fitted and adjusted correctly it gives a user-friendly, safe closing sequence. Learn how to adjust or rectify common fitting errors in this video Concealed door closer not shutting properly? Watch this video on troubleshooting and adjusting the Rutland concealed door closer device

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