Colour-matched, dual-certfied door hardware launches

Rutland Door Controls – 20th anniversary sees launch of complete fire door hardware range

Founded in 2004, Rutland’s mission has been to save life at every door. Twenty years of focusing on the need for better-built, designer door closing devices that meet with the highest levels of safety standards!

With many UKCAS-accredited fire safety tests on our closers and our customer’s complete doorsets over the years, we take a system-wide approach to fire-door safety. Our technical knowledge of UK and European standards for doorset installation and hardware such as hinges, latches, letterplates etc is matched by our practical experience.

As the company has grown, so to has our product development ability, and design and production capabilities.

With this background, the celebration our 20th birthday coincided with the launch of the Frontier range of firedoor hardware.

Fire Door full hardware system

A fire door can be seen as a system within a system. The building’s wider fire and smoke protection structure consists of fire-resistant compartments, and any alteration has an affect on the overall building safety. The doorset itself consists of multiple components which have a demonstrated fire resistance both individually and as an installed system.

For fire resistance and integrity, the 3 or 4 hinges, self-closing device (door closer), and anything that penetrates such as letterplates or viewers are critically important.

Front Entrance Doors – the fire & security hardware challenge

The front entrance door is our 44mm barrier between our loved ones and the outside threats of fire, smoke and forced entry.

The newly launched Frontier range provides a unified suite of dual-compliant door hardware that solves the longstanding issue of mismatched design and colour. Now the closer and handle comes from the same stable, where the polishing and depth of tone is identical.

Winning the status of ‘preferred specification’ by the Police’s Secured By Design (SBD) initiative, third-party tested to BS EN 1634, BS EN 6375 and corrosion tested to BS 1670, the Frontier collection includes PAS24 multipoint locks, knocker with viewing scope, door chain, and a number of door closer types.

These security elements are complimented by the fire and smoke-tested Frontier door handle, letterplate, hinges and numerals/letters – all with finishes that exactly match the Rutland door closer range.

The TS008 Frontier letterplate fits into a single CNC-cut hole to improve standardisation, helping door manufacturers increase production rates and consistent quality of fiitting.

Don’t compromise on fire safety or security, aesthetics and ease of everyday use. Choose Frontier for your door hardware and exceed the standards on every front.


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