Clerkenwell designers embrace ZAW (Zero Avoidable Waste) initiative

Door closer EOL upcycling a win at Clerkenwell

As the grand finale at Clerkenwell Design Week (2023) dawns upon us, we're delighted to say our latest ZAW (Zero Avoidable Waste) initiative has been embraced by many leading creatives. Interior designers, furniture makers and architects are raving over the creative potential of Rutland's designer door closers - not so much the fact that they are functional safety devices with a long life-span- but their scope for reusing and upcycling in new product and interior design!

Visitors to the Rutland exhibition at Clerkenwell are loving the launch of our latest initiative to reduce waste at EOL (end-of-life). This new scheme incentivises contractors and fit-out companies to return door closers that are being replaced at their 'end of life'. From here our network of sustainable designers use just about every component in ways only they can conceive.

This EOL scheme is in addition to Rutland's existing ISO 14001 compliance, and ongoing manufacturing waste reduction and recycling programs, and is designed as the next step in strengthening our sustainability. It will feed into the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for all our door closers and other hardware and make lasting improvements right through the supply chain and product lifespan.

One head-turner from Clerkenwell Design Week '23 is the SR Brickwall design. This mirror-like, brick-like wall feature is made from repurposed polished metal covers from Rutland door closers. The design tweaks possible are endless, with options to refinish the metallic surfaces or leave them as sourced.

Design feature using recycled door closers

Many, many more deals were completed over the past couple of days between Rutland and specialist lighting, flooring, wall covering and furniture manufacturers we've partnered with. We're super excited to see our products take on a new life, knowing this has saved thousands of tons of carbon, energy and raw material resource.

Rutland's marketing and compliance Director Neil Smith says;

"This is such a step forward for both the construction and design industry and underpins Rutland's environmental objectives. I'm delighted to hear so many of the UK's top architects making this step change in changing their fire door specifications to insist on Rutland Door Controls."

He goes on to recommend that, when specifying fire doors, architects take the opportunity to choose Rutland door hardware that lessens it's impact on the environment over its life-time, with a demonstratable EOL and ZAW program. Neil Smith leaves us with the question "Time is running out, earth's resources are limited, can you afford to let another project through without taking advantage of the EOL green initiatives out there?" 

Call Rutland or visit us today at Clerkenwell Design Week Projects, in St James Church park.

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