Can you fit a concealed closer in a 44mm fire door?

Fire test on Nan Ya doorRutland test more door closers for 44mm door sets...Always creating solutions for our clients - Rutland products are successfully passing the 44mm 30 Minute fire tests.  Providing products and materials that are suitable, certified, tested, and guaranteed to the UK and European standards.  Some of the materials that have been tested with our closers include:
  • Nan Ya Slab
  • UPVc faced wood blanks
  • UPVc frames
  • Wooden Frames
  • Metal Frames
  • Composite door blanks
  • Phenolic door blanks
  • Metal doors
With our totally unique, specially designed intumescent gaskets you take less out of the door, which therefore creates the following benefits:
  • Suitable for both 44mm AND 54mm doors
  • Means you can use a 44mm instead of a 54mm door blank, and still meet all regulations whilst saving huge costs
  • Gives it higher fire integrity
  • Prevents frame twist, a common issue when using Jamb closers
  • Fast and Easy to fit
  • CE labelled and certified
When it comes to fitting and testing ITS 11204 Cam Action door closers, Rutland are experts. Not only has it passed the fire test but it has also been successful in a PAS24 Secure by Design endurance test.  The Rutland team are trained to a high level, ensuring you receive the most advanced service and knowledge that there is in the industry.  Trading for many years in the construction industry, fitting products on site, and now manufacturing door controls for the professionals of the future...If you require advice, design, or understanding of door controls, call or email Rutland for the most up to date industry knowledge.For further information check out our videos

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