Webinar: Exploring the implications if BS 476 is removed

A Rutland virtual event 

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Event description:

Without any fanfare, the government made an announcement just before Christmas of real significance to the construction industry – the proposal to axe BS 476 from the updated Approved Document B and replace it in all legislation with its European counterpart, BS EN 1634. It’s a proposal that has significant implications for many supply chains.

In this webinar, we look at what lies behind this major move – the history of the two standards and why the government is proposing the change, the implications of the changes for the fire door industry, and the key areas to pay attention to during the period of change to ensure that life safety is maintained.

Hosted by:

Neil Smith

Technical & Compliance Associate Director, Rutland

For over 20 years, Neil has worked in roles related to property management, including high-risk buildings. Familiar with the Secured By Design scheme since 2006, he has assisted, and often overseen, over 100 door tests, including fire, smoke, security, weather, thermal and performance strength testing. Neil is well-placed to chair the webinar discussion panel, with his extensive industry knowledge.

Ben Bygrave

Commercial Business Development Manager, Rutland

Ben is a highly experienced professional with a diverse background in fire safety and a range of other related fields. Having travelled throughout Scandinavia and across mainland Europe in previous job roles, Ben has gained valuable knowledge and insights into the latest fire safety technologies and best practices. He has a proven track record in managing large-scale projects, and his technical background in industrial and scientific applications makes him well-suited for fire safety engineering, consulting, and project management. He has a keen eye for detail and is able to apply his knowledge to ensure that fire doors within buildings enhance life safety for years to come.


Chris Waterman

Public Policy Advisor to the House of Lords

Chris Waterman worked with MPs and Peers on the Fire Safety Act 2021 and Building Safety Act 2022 as the legislation moved through the Commons and the Lords.

He produced a ‘plain guide’ to the Building Safety Bill to assist Parliamentarians as they scrutinised the legislation and has now published the Plain Guide to the Building Safety Act 2022.

Chris has contributed to a range of national building conferences and webinars, principally on how policy is made and how it can be implemented.

His experience, gained from two decades as a researcher in Parliament, enables him to offer a unique insight into how Government works – and why it sometimes doesn’t.

Chris has worked in Scandinavia and China and has lectured in the States, Russia and Ukraine.

He is a prolific writer and after-dinner speaker, often performing his own songs.

Jerry Quayle

Specialist Consultant: Passive fire resistance

A long history in the QA Product Certification Industry and a wide knowledge of the building product industry on a global scale, having undertaken field work in no less than 37 countries across the world.  In the last 4 years, Jerry has further increased his activities in the field of Passive Fire writing a range of passive fire assessments especially with regards fire doors. He was recently granted AIFireE status by the Institute of Fire Engineers in recognition of his work in the field of passive fire resistance.  Additionally, Jerry has increased his knowledge base to include a great deal of Heritage work especially related to historic timber doors for the Historic England organisation.  Most recently Jerry has been awarded the accolade of Fellowship of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining for his contribution to timber in fire, this is a huge honour and the recognition by other Fellows is a reinforcement of Jerry’s area of expertise. 

Richard Kowalski

Technical Manager, Stairways Group

Working in the door industry for over 20 years starting as a joinery apprentice working his way through the business and into Technical where he has carried out many fire tests, smoke tests and security tests over the years. A qualified Architectural Ironmongery and member of the “GAI” as well as a Committee Member of the Fire Door Alliance.

Russell Day

CEO, Association of Composite Door Manufacturers (ACDM)

Russell is a technical expert in the composite door industry. With extensive experience, including years spent within the glass door and glazing industry, he is a respected voice in the composite door industry. Russell is widely recognised for his quality work and valued for his technical expertise when it comes to ensuring the safety and longevity of fire doors.


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