Webinar Series: Ensuring a commercially sustainable future in Fire Door Manufacturing

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Next Episode 2: Managing market expectations on price when costs are steadily rising

Wednesday 22nd June 2022


Virtual event

Hosted by:

Neil Smith

Technical & Compliance Associate Director, Rutland

For over 20 years, Neil has worked in roles related to property management, including high-risk buildings. Familiar with the Secured By Design scheme since 2006, he has assisted, and often overseen, over 100 door tests, including fire, smoke, security, weather, thermal and performance strength testing. Neil is well-placed to chair the webinar discussion panel, with his extensive industry knowledge.

Webinar series panelists:

Matt Thomas

Clarity VM

Matt has years of experience working with a multitude of businesses to increase their efficiencies, reduce waste and improve staff engagement through effective visual management. Matt has worked with organisations both large and small in the public and private sector and brings a wealth of knowledge to solving the problems faced by your business. Matt’s in-depth understanding of manufacturing and its total supply chain has enabled him to design and deliver successful, innovative and engaging visual management at local, national and international levels.

Alec Proctor

Clarity VM

An MBA qualified lean practitioner operating at Director level. With over 20 years of change management and Lean implementation experience my passion is delivering results through people. I have successfully led culture change and lean implementation in sectors including Ceramics, Washrooms, Hydraulics, Warehousing & Distribution, Fabrication, Presswork, Chemicals and Social Housing sectors

David Wheeler

Drummond Laurie

In 2013 David was one of the founders of Drummond Laurie and takes great pride in the progress the firm has made in its early years. In his work, he enjoys nothing more than advising and guiding clients through the regular challenges which they face, using the vast experience he has picked up over the last 30 years.

Chris Todd

Drummond Laurie

Chris is a qualified accountant who produces detailed management accounts for his varied group of clients on a monthly and quarterly basis. As a manager, Chris works hard to ensure that all management accounts prepared by the team are issued on time and are prepared to a high standard.

Darren Selkus

UV Group

Chairman and CEO of the UV Group Plc, British Army Veteran & 2019 Parliamentary Candidate. 30 years experience manufacturing veneers, vertically integrated veneer products, international trade and supply chain management.

Event description:

Like many producers, door manufacturers are currently facing an extraordinary range of market and industry challenges. The cumulative disruption on supply chains caused by the pandemic, the worldwide surge in demand for materials as economies open back up, and now the hammer blow to supply of certain materials caused by Russia’s war on Ukraine. 

In a series of three episodes, we’ve drawn on professionals and industry experts to provide advice and insights to door manufacturers on how to manage and mitigate some of those challenges. We’ll focus on three key areas:

Watch Episode 1 – MIssed it? Watch the full Epsode below

Next Episode 2 – Wednesday 22nd June 2022
Managing market expectations on price when costs are steadily rising

Episode 3 – Wednesday 13th July 2022
Controlling cashflow challenges and optimising financial opportunities

Underpinning all the subjects is our own focus at Rutland on enhancing life safety at every fire door. We want to support the industry in maintaining standards that will safeguard life, despite the pressures that everyone is facing.


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