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Rutland door closers give you more choice, easy installation and an enhanced end user experience

Our cleverly designed, durable door closers contribute to safe and attractive building environments.

We support successful projects and an efficient supply chain with our unrivalled enthusiasm and helpful service.

Rutland products feature on millions of doors worldwide, from hospitals and schools to manufacturing facilities, skyscrapers and historic buildings.

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Durable products that are fast and easy to fit

Every Rutland component is the result of extensive research and testing to optimise performance, durability and value. All our products adhere to the most robust global safety standards, and in many cases our testing is more extensive than industry certifications.

Control fire doors

Our electromagnetic range combines compliance, durability and quality

Enhance security and manage personnel access

Security is paramount in our cleverly designed products

Comply with access regulations

Our fully compliant products enhance safe building environments

Control noise, temperature and debris

Whatever your requirement, our products are optimised to perform

Choose the right door closer for your application

We offer products suited to any environment and aesthetic, whether you’re looking to comply with fire codes, control access or manage room temperature.

Our door closer selector helps you filter products by usage. When choosing your closer you also need to consider factors like door width, thickness and weight, as well as door and frame fire rating. The door’s location and the type of people using it will also determine the ideal product for your application.

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